What the critics are saying:

The Radicalization of Rolfe @ Fringe NYC:

The New York Times:

In Abigail Zealey Bess’s tone-perfect production, Rolfe (Logan Sutherland) is gay and closeted, unable to stay away from the sweet, teasing Johan (Alex J. Gould). The two are so lovely together that you’ll root for them, and that’s part of the point.


Sutherland beautifully plays his character's inner conflict, especially in the wrenching last scene.

Time Out: (Four Stars)

Such dramatic stakes help move The Radicalization of Rolfe beyond mere spoof, and offer characters of some depth (feelingly acted by a strong cast).

Theater in the Now:

In the titular role, Logan Sutherland was picture perfect. With sunny naivety mixed with undeniable confidence, Sutherlands’ play on morality was exquisite. The breaths leading into Rolfe’s big decision were heartbreaking. If ever there was a performance to put him on the map, this was it. Logan Sutherland is a name to remember.

Sex & Education @ Penguin Rep:

The New York Times:

Ms. Mackay and Mr. Sutherland have potent, well-matched stage presences — his a naïve arrogance, hers an anger-based world-weariness — and under the smart direction of Joe Brancato, Penguin Rep’s artistic director, they exhibit flawless comic timing.